Why Do I Need A Medicaid Planning Attorney?

Medicaid Planning AttorneyFearing exorbitant fees, many seniors and their families resist the idea of meeting with a Medicaid planning attorney in New York. It is unfortunate that so many people avoid this step, as the benefits that it provides far outweigh the cost of meeting with a lawyer.

The goal of such a lawyer is to not only save the client a great deal of money over the long run but also to ensure that the senior receives the best possible care throughout all stages of their life.

Too many people rely on stories they have heard from other seniors about what they were and were not eligible for. This means that seniors don’t seek the help and guidance that they desperately need. The reality is that everyone’s situation is unique. A Medicaid planning attorney helps clients to sort through the various options, many of which can be quite complex and may affect one senior differently than they do another.

Here is a closer look at why it is wise to consult with a lawyer when considering how to pay for care later in life:


1. It Avoids a Conflict of Interest

When a senior or their family members is making the decision to enter a nursing home or care facility, they may be required to fill out Medicaid paperwork. Frequently, representatives of the nursing home say that they can help with the completion of these forms.

On the surface, this seems reasonable. Both parties want the Medicaid application to succeed. However, the nursing home representative has competing interests. That’s because the care facility wants the resident to pay out-of-pocket for as long as possible before tapping into Medicaid. This means that the senior’s assets will be completely depleted before they start receiving benefits.

Accordingly, the senior is left with no additional income for paying for incidentals. They are totally at the mercy of Medicaid, which may not be quite sufficient for all of their needs. Planning ahead with a lawyer makes more sense because it protects as much of the senior’s assets as possible.


2. Protecting Assets

Most people don’t realize that nursing homes may cost $15,000 per month. It’s an outrageous expense, and with people living longer, they are faced with paying this exorbitant amount for years. It’s no wonder so many people lose all of their assets just by paying for ordinary living expenses.

Working with a lawyer makes the situation entirely different. Legal practitioners who concentrate in this area understand the law down to the smallest detail. This means that they can counsel clients in legal ways to protect their assets. The result is the ability to hold on to assets to pay for additional expenses and to be able to leave something behind for heirs.


3. It Puts Knowledge and Experience at the Disposal of Seniors

Lawyers who help the elderly plan for Medicaid often have practiced in the field for many years. Dozens of clients have come through their doors seeking advice, and this means that they have probably seen a broad spectrum of situations and circumstances. They don’t have to rely on stories they have heard because they have the real-world experience that seniors need. The process is demystified for the client, and the results are the assurance of excellent care and an affordable means of paying for it.


4. Peace of Mind

Elder law lawyers work hard to protect the interests of each and every client. With their legal knowledge, they are able to investigate each individual’s situation to determine which safeguards are applicable to them. Accordingly, clients can rest assured that they have done everything they can to protect themselves and their assets as they age.

Even if the Medicaid lawyer ultimately says that there is little that can be done to help, the senior still achieves greater peace of mind knowing that they have left no stone unturned. They will know that they have done everything that is legally possible to protect their assets.

Medicaid law and eligibility are far more complex than most people realize. Eligibility for coverage cannot be summed up in a minute, and it is impossible to compare one situation directly to another because too many factors may make the circumstances different.

The reality is that while Medicaid rules are complex and difficult to understand, they also exist to protect seniors and their assets. With careful, strategic planning, it is not necessary for seniors to exhaust their resources before qualifying for Medicaid.

In fact, many seniors and their loved ones are pleasantly surprised when they learn just how many options they actually have. Planning makes it possible to hold onto critical assets to ensure better security and quality of care while also using Medicaid to cover expenses. Contact the Law Office of Kyle Steller PLLC to learn more.

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