Elder Law Attorney in Deerpark

What Is Elder Law?

Elder Law is concerned with those who may need Medicaid, those with disabilities, those who may need to pay for long-term care,  and those who are retired. In Deerpark, NY, aging requires careful financial planning. Whether you have a disability, need Medicaid, or are retired, this law will govern how you can protect your assets. 

This type of law is better classified as a type of estate planning than as its own category of law. 

It governs the care and financial management tactics of those who are aging or are unable to care for themselves. 

As you or your loved one ages and becomes less able than they once were, it’s important to plan for their long-term care and manage their finances wisely. 


What Does an Elder Law Attorney Do?

Elder law attorneys have many responsibilities. Perhaps most importantly, they draft documents. Living wills, trusts, health care proxies, power of attorney papers, and regular will are all part of their work. 

They are not necessarily estate planning attorneys, because they are dealing with the legal issues regarding aging persons. Elder law covers Medicaid planning, guardianship, protection of assets, and neglect or abuse of the elderly. 

Elder law varies from state to state. It is subject to change at any time, so it’s very important to seek a lawyer anytime you have questions about the care of yourself or your loved one. 

Always seek out recommendations from people you know, and look at The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. This is an academy based on ethics and skill that has continuing education requirements for its members. 

Before you sit down with your chosen attorney, make a list of issues you are facing. Attorneys may only have a few specific areas of expertise, so make sure that you retain one or more people who can meet all your needs.


What To Ask Your Elder Law Attorney in Deerpark, NY

The right questions matter. Always ask your potential attorney if they are licensed to practice in your state. Other important questions include:

  • Where they were educated
  • What their continuing education is
  • What areas they specialize in 
  • What their fees are like (flat-rate versus hourly)
  • If they do pro bono work (if you need it)
  • If they have court experience (hopefully you won’t need this)
  • What clubs or organizations they belong to

Money can be an issue for many people when it comes to elder law. Check with your local chapter of the bar association or a free legal aid society if you suspect you will need help. There is extra help for veterans through the VA. 

Always make sure to hire someone who is competent and who truly cares about the dignity of the elderly. It can be very difficult to take care of an aging person. Doing with an attorney who is less than sympathetic is something no one should have to go through. 

Many unusual things can happen to people’s health as they age. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of emotional strength and energy to deal with declining health. There is always the possibility of incapacitation or memory loss. 

If this happens, you may be under more stress than you could ever imagine. The support of the family matters to those who are managing the health care of the aging person, but so does the understanding of the attorney involved. 

Make sure you work with an attorney who recognizes the difficulty you could potentially have and wants the best for everyone. People have to make tough choices as a loved one ages, and settling estates is not easy. 


Kyle Steller Offers Elder Law Services in Deerpark

Kyle Steller is a practicing Elder Law attorney Deerpark, NY. She is understanding of the issues surrounding elder care and cares about the dignity of her clients and their families. 

Her expertise has been invaluable in many cases, and she continues to put the well-being of her clients and their families first in her practice. She is knowledgeable about the law in Deerpark regarding the aged, disabled, and those who may need Medicaid. 

All of these groups are vulnerable populations who need the best care. Whether you are retaining a lawyer on your own behalf or for the purpose of caring for someone else, Kyle Steller is the expert you need to create an excellent legal framework for caring for the vulnerable.

Consult with an Elder Law Attorney

Fill our form to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Elder Law Attorney. If you need guidance with wills, trusts, medicaid planning, asset protection or any other service Kyle Steller provides. Kyle serves families and individuals in Ulster County, Dutchess County and throughout the Hudson Valley of New York. Schedule your consultation using the form here, or call Kyle at 845-489-8712

Client Reviews

My clients and I had the most pleasant experience of dealing with Kyle Steller. Her professionalism and knowledge of estate and trust matters allowed for a comfortable discussion about a topic that many are unwilling to have. For one client her abilities to create a trust afforded the parents to protect their assets to ensure they will be inherited by the next generation and did so in a tax efficient strategy. I would highly recommend Kyle to assist you with your families with any estate, trust and eldercare needs.

David A. Gagnon, CPA

Kyle’s knowledge, expertise and communication was outstanding through the entire process of planning not only my will and estate but also my power of attorney, and medical proxy documents. Her demeanor was professional and personable throughout. In the midst of so many overwhelming life changes, I have the utmost confidence to move forward with the other issues demanding my time and attention, having full confidence that, at least this aspect, was fully and more than competently taken care of. I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

Theresa Mulkins

My husband and I used Kyle Stellar for our will and trust planning. If you are looking for a will, estate & trust attorney as well as someone knowledgeable in elder law reach out to Kyle. Her expertise in her fields is impressive beyond her years, and she is professional, compassionate and understanding.

Laura Penfold