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Don't put off your planning any longer. Let Kyle Steller - an experienced Elder Law Attorney here in New York, guide you through this process so you can be prepared for the future.

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You've probably heard the expression "get your affiars in order". Well that's what an Elder Law Attorney does. They are the lawyer who understands how to advise you to prepare for the possibility of physical or mental disability and eventually death. A good Elder Law Attorney will have years of expereince and continuing legal education on all aspects of Elder Law. Kyle Steller can assist you with your Elder Law and Estate Planning items such as a Medicaid Planning, Asset Protection, Special Needs Trusts, Wills, Trusts, Health Care Proxy and all the other details that make up a solid plan.

What Does An Elder Law Attorney Do?

An Elder Law Attorney helps you develop a plan for the future. A plan that helps to protect your assets and property in the event that you become incapacitated and are unable to express your wishes. A solid plan includes a Medicaid Plan, Asset Protection, Will, Health Care Proxy, Living Will, and Trusts to protect your assets and insure they are distributed according to your wishes upon your death.

Practicing as an elder law attorney in New York requires a unique combination of compassion, foresight and commitment. This area of the law is dedicated to protecting some of the most vulnerable members of society. It also is a diverse field of law as it encompasses planning to find protection for crucial assets and planning for any special needs or considerations that may arise.

Because of the guidance and assistance offered by an elder law attorney, many people have the peace of mind of knowing that their wishes will be followed even when they can no longer voice them. These professionals also help clients sort out how to pay for things like residence in a nursing home without having to sacrifice all of their assets.

When it comes to Elder Law, Kyle Steller provides peace of mind for people in or near the communities of Poughkeepsie, Kingston, Newburgh, Highland, High Falls, andr any town in Ulster, Dutchess or Orange Counties.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of making plans for the transfer of your entire estate after you die. This means making sure everything you own is given to the people or organizations you wish, including cash, land, houses, jewelry, cars, clothes, and of course your savings, investment and retirement accounts.

A good Estate Plan will make sure: most of you assets are transferred to your beneficiaries; you pay the least amount of estate taxes, and any minor children or loved ones with special needs are provided guardians and means to survive.

The various documents and plans included in Estate Planning include:

      • Wills
      • Trusts
      • Powers of Attorney
      • Health Care Proxy

Medicaid Planning

This broad area of elder law pertains to the collection and preparation of documents necessary to apply for Medicaid in its simplest form. However, it also may refer to a total restructuring of an individual's or a couple's finances.

Planning is a critical part of obtaining appropriate Medicaid benefits. This is because certain strict financial eligibility limits are applied to Medicaid benefits. People who are close to or over these limits may find that converting some of their assets to a trust or other instrument helps to ensure that they qualify for Medicaid without having to sacrifice all of their assets to do so.

Moreover, this type of planning is helpful in the event that one half of a couple must go into a nursing home or assisted living while the other half can still live independently. An elder law attorney can overcome questions of how each individual's income and assets should be divided.

Asset Protection

Protecting assets in some instances means shielding resources from creditors, and this is a tool that is not just for the super-wealthy. Anyone can be sued for things like a car accident, which may reduce an elderly person's ability to live independently. If some assets are safeguarded in a trust or other financial instrument, then they may be untouchable in the event of a lawsuit.

Asset Protection also refers to the need to guard against financial ruin in the event of requiring nursing home care. Nursing home stays last on average for two years or more. This can be cripplingly expensive, and Medicaid only takes over once the individual's financial resources are all-but exhausted.

However, planning ahead with an elder law attorney allows you to protect your assets while still getting the Medicaid benefits for nursing home care to which you are entitled. This can be a complicated task, so it is best to begin early with the assistance of a seasoned elder law attorney.

Special Needs Trust

An individual who is disabled or who provides care for a disabled dependent may benefit from this type of planning. In fact, obtaining legal guidance in this area is especially crucial because it can be so confusing.

People who are living with a disability or who provide care for a child or grandchild with a disability know that they require extraordinary care. Accordingly, this area may touch upon estate planning, guardianship or advocating for community or government resources.

People often have questions related to:

  • What kinds of public assistance are available for the disabled?
  • How will an inheritance affect an individual's ability to receive public assistance?
  • Would a special needs trust be beneficial for a disabled dependent?
  • How are trustees chosen to administer trusts?

We are happy to answer questions related to planning for an individual with special needs and ensure that disabled individuals receive the care and benefits that they deserve after a caregiver can no longer do so.

When it comes to choosing an elder law attorney New York residents are encouraged to rely on a local practitioner with ties to the community and a history of dedicated service to clients.

Peace of Mind

When dealing with Elder Law issues such as Estate Planning, Trusts and Estates, or Asset Protection, things can quickly become confusing and overwhelming. Working with Kyle Steller will help put your mind at ease as she helps navigate through these confusing but important issues.

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